Custard Mooncakes; Kee Wah Bakery @ Hong Kong


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I know, this is a bit late. But the moon is still full; we can still enjoy the mooncake and have a little celebration over the weekend.


My brother got us some Egg Custard Mooncakes while he was travelling to Hong Kong not long ago. What’s so special about these mooncakes?! They are actually the new breeds of mooncake from Kee Wah with a variety of flavours such as Egg, Chocolate, Mango, Green Tea and Black Sesame. Contunue Reading

Street Food @ Mongkok – North Point Egg Waffle, Putt Chai Kou, Fei Jie Snack Shop


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Aha! It’s time to go back to posts about Hong Kong! This round gonna be the street food in Mongkok or more specifically, Dundas Street! For full itinerary of the HK-ShenZhen trip, check out HERE.


1. North Point Egg Waffle 北角雞蛋仔
Hehe, one of my favourite snack in Hong Kong, the egg waffle or gai dan zai. I once had it in North Point and it was a super memorable one. Seriously missed it so much after the first trip. Glad to find out that there is one of their shops in Dundas Street, I don’t have to spare time and travel to North Point for it. Contunue Reading

Mak’s Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家 @ Parkes Street, Jordan


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For full itinerary of the HK-ShenZhen trip, check out here.


Wantan noodles are one of a-must-to-eat if you are travelling in Hong Kong. That is a simple dish that comes with dumplings made from shrimps and held together by wantan pei (thin sheets of flour wrapper) and covered with springy egg noodles. Contunue Reading

HK-ShenZhen 5D4N Trip; 2012


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Just back from a short holiday with parents in Hong Kong and ShenZhen! And I felt extremely reluctant to work the next weeks! *still emo-ing now* Well, a 5 days 4 nights trip is definitely not enough! This trip is mainly about shop and food; plus a little bit of sightseeing! =]

The Summary:

HK - ShenZhen 2012

HK – ShenZhenDay 1Day 2Day 3
Day 4Day 5
InHong KongHong KongHK / ShenZhenShenZhenShenZhen
Breakfast-Australia Dairy Company, JordanGoods from Kee WahDim Sum Brunch
The stalls inside
Shi Xia Urban Village
Hong Kong Station
Central Station
Dong men 东门Shi Xia Urban Village
ShopCitygate Outlet Citygate Outlet Sogo, Causeway BayDong men 东门Jusco
(just next to the hotel)
LunchFood Republic &
Tea at Gong Cha
Food RepublicMak’s NoodlesStreet food in Dong Men红海湾酒楼
Shen jiang cuisine
Check-in > Guest House @ JordanCheck-out >
Take metro to lok mah zhao > Shen Zhen
Check-in >
LvGem Hotel
Check-out >
Pass through hwang gang 皇岗custom > Take limo to HK international airport
TeaBeerBeerLiang pi, liang mian
Egg tarts
Beer + Soya
Honeymoon desserts @ 华润万象城
Beer again from airport
SeeTsim Tsa Tsui
Heritage 1881 + Peninsular Hotel
Ngong Ping 360
Tian Tan Buddha
--Around airport
ShopG2000 & etc, Nathan Road
Canton Road
K11, Sogo
Mong KokHua Qiang Bei 华强北/
nv ren shi jie 女人世界
-Last min shopping in G2000 and mannings
DinnerTit bits from SogoNorth point Egg waffle
Putt chai kou
Tim Ho Wan
Fei Jie 肥姐小吃
Bei Fang jiao zi guan
Xi bei 西北Bye Bye
SeeStar Avenue
Light Show
Mong Kok & Shop around---
SupperChui wah
Yee shun
Yu gap 乳鸽---
Stay Wing Tai Guest houseWing Tai Guest houseLvgem HotelLvgem Hotel-


The day…


The night…


The smooth one…


The springy springy one…

And many more… =]

Fung Shing Restaurant @ North Point, HK


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Yum Zhou Cha (literally translate into “drink tea”) is what one must do when travelling in Hong Kong. And during our visit in HK, we followed what the Hong Kies always do. Contunue Reading

Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert 许留山 @ Mongkok, HK


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This is Mongkok. 
We were here after the dinner


This is such a happening place; people were here for shopping, eating, and watching street performances too!


Ladies Market 女人街 Lui Yann Gai 

Contunue Reading

Macau Tsui Yuen Cafe @ Mongkok, HK


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Travelling with Citygal is always fun. She is just like the place’s dei tao chong 地头虫 a.k.a. “neighbourhood worm”. I enjoyed my trip with her, relaxingly. She did all the research beforehand, planned everything and… I just followed 😛

That was the evening after the afternoon tea at Paul Lafayet.


We toured like what the other tourists would do… 


The Avenue of Stars located along the Victoria harbour waterfront in Tsim Tsa Tsui. More than 100 actors were honoured along the stars. 



And then we enjoyed a Symphony of Lights along the Avenue of Stars started sharp at 8pm (daily) and last for about 10 minutes. Be here earlier to get the great seats/view.

Contunue Reading

Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 @ Jordan, Hong Kong


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That was early, very early in the morning and the queue was already this long. 


We purposely woke up early for this.
Yes, to 澳洲牛奶公司 Australia Dairy Company, the number 1 restaurant in ‘s best restaurant list, voted by the Hong Kies themselves. 


Though the queue was long, it took us a short time to get in. Patrons walked in and out every minute; and we knew, we must “move fast and eat fast” too – that’s the fast pace lifestyle and culture of HK people. Tea were served once we were seated, it can be used to wash the utensils as well as for drinking purposes (just like what they did in char chan teng we can watch from those TVB drama).

Contunue Reading

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