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Before this, I knew nothing about Austrian cuisine except the famous Apple Strudels I read from a food Magz.

But now, I learned more about Austrian culture. It is not just Apple Strudels alone that are the well-known thing from Austria, but also their winter sport – ski; the beautiful art and culture – ballet, dance or Waltz; the music – Violin, the national flower – Edelweiss, the national costume of Austria for men – Lederhosen. These are all represented in the painting of Austrian King Emperor Franz Josef.


Many Many Thanks to Karl’s Beisl for an invitation over to sample some real authentic Austrian dishes along with the other food lovers.


Here at Solaris Mon’t Kiara, Karl’s Beisl is opened and operated by Karl, an Austrian guy who resides in Malaysia.



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Beard Papa’s @ Pavilion KL


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The message tone rang right at mid night.

I got a message from Sugar Bean, at mid night, asked me to do them a favour. They were lucky as I was still in front of my laptop. I googled the location of Beard Papa in London, and even sent them the day’s flavour. Oh god… that sms was killing. They made me craved for Beard Papa’s Cream Puff at midnight!

Felt lucky as the next day afternoon I was in Pavilion KL.

Beard papa’s counter at food republic, Pavilion KL. Contunue Reading

ShenZhen09 Day 4 Lunch:缪氏川菜


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Continue from ShenZhen09 Day 3 Dinner: Street Food + KFC Blueberry Egg Tarts

We had Sze Chuan Meal at 缪氏川菜 on my day 4 of visiting. Talking about Sze Chuan dishes, ones always think of red, orange, red chilies oil, chilies and dried chilies!!! Besides the hot and spicy, they do actually serve sourish food that can boost up your appetite.

缪氏川菜 is well decorated in that oldish way, giving you a real Chinese atmosphere and create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for dining. The wall is painted in red and lanterns are here and there, hanging from the ceiling.

It was super pack with OL and office staffs while we were there as it was lunch time. Contunue Reading

A Wet Thai Café @ Taman Cheras (Yulek)


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Bored with too much of Chinese Food from somewhere we couldn’t reach in minutes? Let’s have something else.

Thai Cuisine is always irresistible. Love the spiciness, love the sourish-ness, and love the aroma of the herbs they used in cooking… so, anyone dislikes Thai Cuisine?

This is somewhere I have visited for few times for the very authentic Thai Cuisine. A Wet Thai Café is quite easy to look for. It is located at Taman Segar a few shops next to Hau Kee Restaurant (guess no one doesn’t know the 4-shops-in-a-row Chinese restaurant).

Plain water?! Oh no, it’s not just plain sky juice but there is the strong fragrant of pandan leaves in this plain water.

Let’s start with the platter. The Platter came with Pandan Chicken, Fish Cake (top right), Kerabu Mango — the mango salad and another type of fish cake?! (Sorry that I can’t recall the one at the bottom left in the pic) Contunue Reading

ShenZhen09 Day 3 Dinner: Street Food + KFC Blueberry Egg Tarts


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Continue from ShenZhen09 Day 3 Brunch: Dim Sum @ 广食访

It is always best to have street food as dinner when you are feeling still full after the lunch. Along our way to supermarket, there was a lot of street food.

Street Food 1: Chou Tofu aka ‘Stinky Tofu’

‘Stinky ToFu’ is quite similar to the cheese. The ToFu has been fermented for months to produce the overpowering pungent odour and taste; so do those old cheeses.

This is the vendor I used to visit since my last visit 2 years ago. He was still having his business at the same spot near 福民文具批发市场 Fu-Min Stationary Wholesale Centre. He was preparing my order. The ToFu were deep fried before dipping them into the soup-liked sauce and brushed with spicy sauce. After that, the ToFus were loaded with abundant of pickles and coriander.

If I am not mistaken, it was about 8 to 10 pieces of ToFu priced only at RMB 4.

I personally dislike coriander. But once it matched with this ToFu, they become a perfect match! Sluuurrrpp! The ToFus smelled great and tasted Yummy too. It was really irresistible and I returned for more the next few days. Contunue Reading

ShenZhen09 Day 3 Brunch: Dim Sum @ 广食访


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Continue from ShenZhen09 Day 2 Dinner: 面点王@Book City

On the third day of my stay, finally get to have dim sum. I have been craving for dim sum since the weeks and the months before coming to Shen Zhen. This dim sum place is quite far away from where housing area I stayed. Sis and I walked for about 30 mins to this restaurant called 广食访。Sorry for no pics on this building as it was raining cat and dog all day. I wasn’t able to capture photos with umbrella and handbags on.

This place was quite a full house even though it was already 12 noon. I learnt that a lot of people travelled from Hong Kong to Shen Zhen during the weekend — to shop, to dine, to Yum Cha and even buying vege and stuff from the market! Sis said it is super convenient for them to travel up by the metro — pass border, buy tickets, step into the metro and zooooom. And reach within 30 mins.

Back to 广食访, the service was rather slow and bad. Not enough staff and too many customers I guess. Do hope they will improve.

The Portuguese egg tarts that served were silky smooth in the egg centre and the puff pastry shells were crispy. Oh yum, I had not have such a good Portuguese’s egg tarts. Please don’t mention those from the kings, gonna delete it from my list. Of course, this is still not the best Portuguese egg tarts I had in Shen Zhen. There is another one I wish to intro on my next post which can simply melts ones heart.

糯米鸡 glutinous rice that served piping hot. They were wrapped with the big piece of lotus leaves before sending off to steam. The glutinous rice was real soft and filled with the scent of lotus leaves.

A bowl of hot porridge that warm my tummy in this cold weather. Speaking of weather, the weather was unstable although it was already summer. Cold and rainy all day. Sigh… which was quite inconvenient for sightseeing Contunue Reading

ShenZhen09 Day 2 Dinner: 面点王@Book City


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Continue from ShenZhen09 Day 2 Brunch: 湘鄂情

面点王 Mian-Dian-Wang is well-known as Chinese fast food chain in Shen Zhen. It is almost similar to those McD, KFC that appear everywhere; the only difference, 面点王 Mian-Dian-Wang serves Chinese Food rather than those fried and high calories pre-prepared food.

This is the only picture I have for their interior and environment around. I was prohibited from taking photo of their interior and deco. Guess they are a little blogger unfriendly. Here, you have to order straightly from the bar counter (something like self service as well). The chef and cooks will take order from you. There are a variety of dishes from appetizer to porridge to bao to vege to meat to dumplings to…

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Hong Kong Miu Kai @ Seri Petaling


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Craving for Polo Bun?! There is one place selling one of the best Polo Bun — Hong Kong Miu Kai which is highly recommended by Sugar Bean. Located in Seri Petaling, Hong Kong Miu Kai is selling a variety of pastry besides serving food like the ordinary Char Chan Teng such as Wong Kok and Kim Gary.

Fresh baked Polo Bun(s). They are selling out like a piece of hot cakes. Wen Ching from Sugar Bean told me, she has been here for a few times and this was the second time she grabbed this. One advice from her, never come here after dinner as you will be going home with empty hands.

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