Rootian Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi Town


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Day 1 – 30 Dec 08 (Night)

After the short walk at the beach, we hold tight on our schedule and paid a visit to Langkawi’s Cable Car.

The cable car ride is priced at Rm 15 for those who hold while Rm 25 for those who are not.

Up we went~

Up up up, and we finally saw the sea.

Next destination — we headed up to the second stop where it connected to the bridge. What a magnificent structure, isn’t it?! Contunue Reading



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When we were on our way to a beach, I came a across a “we-have-what-you-want” small size lorry vendor. This lorry business was run by a wed-couple. The pakcik n makcik were selling a wide variety of snack such as fruits, drinks, chips and others kacang-kacang.

The most special thing was this…

That’s really clever. They have this own-built-inverted type of soft drink machine. They even use the water taps to control the flow of soft drinks. Cool isn’t it?!

Telaga Café & Restaurant @ Langkawi


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I know this is an extreme delay for posting up the New Year trip (with my secondary gang), a biggie apologize to my secondary Surian gang (all 9 of them). It’s not that I don’t want to have these to be posted up but I have no extra time to compile and write on these early of the year. Coming soon, I will post up what we had, eat, fun out together during our trip. Do hope all of you all would enjoy reading my blog. ^^


Day 1 – 30 Dec 2007 (Day)

We were at the Air Asia Terminal early in the morning, waited for our flight. It has been quite some times since my last trip.

The plane flew passed Penang. Can you see the island and little cubes of building?!

We saw our destination! here we come — Langkawi. Contunue Reading

Trip @ Part 2


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V30 April 2007

We wanted a cable car ride which could bring us up to Gunung Mat Cincang. However it was too crowded and lined up with people. I have lined up for about ½ hour and when it came to my turn, the counter closed. The kerani told me they had to close ticket for about 40minutes due to the crowd. Alamak! Why they off ticket at this time!!! No cable car for us cause we didn’t want to wait for such a long time. Instead, we walked around and took pictures.
Then we went to The Loaf for lunch. I will highly recommend this place. It is a japaneses style bakery and bistro owned by our Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir. The Loaf has a great view in front of it and they provide highest quality of food and beverage. Of course, that meal was costly.

Let’s look at the view before going to food.

i wish i am the owner of these (the yatch & boat).
A variety of bread. All are my favourite.
The Loaf’s Caesar Salad

This tasted great!!! Lobster burger.
Chicken breast with mushroom sauce

Thai set of 4 dishes came with briyani rice.

Ice coffee latte. It was special because they poured the hot milk over the coffee cube and then added with ice cube.

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