The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat @ Ipoh


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Ahhhh, paradise…
This is definitely the prettiest hot springs paradise in Malaysia.
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Weekend Getaway [4] Heaven


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A merely two hours plus drive from KL, a heavenly place that is!

Happy weekend people!

Makan-Makan in Ipoh Day 3


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Continue from Ipoh Day 1 and Ipoh Day 2….

We woke up early. The very first thing we did was to forget about the waistline and to continue with our Ipoh Makan List, we can never miss out any good food from Ipoh; and so, let the eating journey begin…….

1. Restoran Paris – Famous Hakka Noodles and Liews

This famous Hakka Noodles stall that used to operate their business at Yin Yau Kui coffee shop is now shifted to Paris Cafe. Unlike those Hakka Noodles that we have in KL, the Hakka Noodles here is served with Tauge (bean sprout) and Yeung Liews (Yong Tau Fu). however, you don’t have the chance to pick up the Yeung Liews you love. They will just mix and match for you as soon as you place the number of servings you want. Do try their special dipping sauce that is made of pickled garlic and chili sauce.




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Makan-Makan in Ipoh Day 2


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After a good night sleep at Citygal’s house, our makan makan journey started with…

1. Dim Sum at the New Foh San

Guess i don’t have to elaborate much. Foh San serves one of the best dim sum in Ipoh. We took a hard time for the seats; thanks to Citygal for her very special fighting-for-table technique, else we will have to wait for another hoursss 😛



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