Japan Trip Day 2: Hiroshima


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For full itinerary, check out my Japan Trip 2014: 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area.

In order to board our pre-reserved seats on time, we woke up extremely early and waited at the station. *scare we missed the bullet train mah*

We were heading to Hiroshima for a pit stop and explored a little before traveled down to Kyushu. The bullet train from Nagoya to Hiroshima took about 3 hours ++. It was time to sit back and relax and take a small nap.


Once aboard, breakfast time! These onigiri(s) are easily to be found at any konbini コンビニ (convenience store) in Japan. I can have a total of 4 to 5 origini(s) a day aside from main meals and tea time. They come in a variety of flavours, super yummy and I simply get addicted on them. Never get bored of trying all the flavours out. Of all, I fancy the mentaiko, salmon and the “fried rice style” salmon wakame musubi. Contunue Reading

Japan Trip Day 1: First thing to do when landed, なご家 & 铃の屋


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For full itinerary, check out my Japan Trip 2014: 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area.

Getting into Nagoya City:

1. By Train (Meitetsu Line) to Nagoya Station = limited express: 870 yen (33 mins); uSky: 1230 yen (28 mins)

2. By Airport Bus to Downtown Nagoya (Sakae/Fushimi area) = 1000 yen (about 50 mins)

We took the train to Nagoya Station. One can top up 360 yen for first class car on the limited express for extra room legs and more comfortable seats.


We bought the JR Rail Pass which allowed us to travel everywhere.
So the first thing to do at Nagoya Station => we looked out for the Japan Rail Pass Exchange Counter. We were given the JR Rail Pass passport card after filling in the required information and we had our Japan Rail Pass activated (for next day use).

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5 Travel Tips to Japan


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For full itinerary of the 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area trip, check it out HERE

#1 Plan your trip
If you are planning to cover places, trip-planning is very important. Open the map and circle which area you wish to cover. Plan your itinerary from there. Contunue Reading

Japan Trip 2014: 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area


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Konnichiwa こんにちわ


Okay lar, actually I have no idea what to put up a title for this post. I touched down at Nagoya but didn’t cover much as we were travelling to the southern part of Japan and covered a little bit of here and there in Hiroshima but mainly in Kyushu area. A month has gone but my mind and soul (sometimes) are still left in Japan. I just can’t wait to go back again.

Well, here is the summary about my trip. It can be your reference if you loved to and I will try to upload more about the daily activities and places I visited in Japan. :)

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The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat @ Ipoh


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Ahhhh, paradise…
This is definitely the prettiest hot springs paradise in Malaysia.
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Hua Hin Trip 2014: 4D3N Eat, Play & Relax


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No… This was not happened a few days or few weeks before, but happened back in March. I hope I am not late in writing this and sharing with you guys. If you guys are planning for a short holiday just to eat and relax and dream, this could be one.

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China Trip 2014: 8D7N Kunming, Dong Chuan & Li Jiang


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Came back from my china trip early of the month and it’s time to update a little about that. This is such a beautiful trip with very scenic places and it almost killed my memory card. Super love this place but then not some of the cultures in China (you sure know).

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Taiwan Trip Day 3: ShiFen 十份 & JingTong 箐桐


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Check out the full itinerary of the Taiwan Trip 2013: 6D5N Taipei & Jiufen here

After a good night sleep at the B&B Windsor, it’s time to move on.


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