Tonkatsu Anzu あんず @ 4F The Table, ISETAN The Japan Store KL


Category : Japanese Food, Kuala Lumpur

ISETAN the Japan Store 4F The Table is the place that gather all 5 (and maybe 6, later) top-notch Japanese restaurants. My first experience with Sushi Azabu was an amazing one. Here goes my next, and of course, I do wish I manage to cover all others at this floor provided if my wallet is still plump. However, there are not all priced at sky high over here. There are actually something that is wallet friendly at this floor.


Tonkatsu Anzu あんず

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The Eighth Avenue Bar . Bistro . Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas, KL


Category : Bar/Lounge, Booze, Kuala Lumpur, Solaris Dutamas

Dimly lit, cosy ambience that allows one to relax after the hectic works and stay in to sway along with the music. That’s how a bistro restaurant works to me; nibble on delicious plate and on the other hand, downing a glass of chilled cooling alcoholic beverages to soothe the body and kick off the tiredness after a long day.

Here I am in…


The Eighth Avenue Bar . Bistro . Restaurant

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Common Man Coffee Roasters @ Plaza Vads, TTDI


Category : Cafe, Coffee, Kuala Lumpur, TTDI

Sometimes ago when Common Man Coffee Roasters first opened their door here, I was already there with my café hopping kaki, enjoyed the cuppa over a wholesome brunch.


Common Man Coffee Roasters

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Rm 15 bento @ Waza + Café, Isetan The Japan Store KL


Category : Japanese Food, Kuala Lumpur

Speaking of bento, I am a fan of it. Japanese style bento always fascinates me, which is very colourful, very well balance and fills with a lot of elements. Most of the time, I will try to make bento and bring to work. Here are some of my works.

However, I do believe that those of you who are working in city centre can hardly spare time in the morning to prepare bento for lunch. If there is a place selling the wholesome Japanese style bento at Rm 15 only in KL… why not get it for lunch?!


Waza + Café

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Brasserie 25 @ Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur


Category : French, Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur is another new creation of YTL Luxury Hotel, also their second autograph collection hotel. Located at Jalan Kemunting, which is a hidden gem in the bustling busy city center, it features a distinctive vibe and character with a different perspective on the local scene mixed with a bit of edgy style and adventure. One can experience the delicious local food nearby, check out the art galleries and legendary landmark around this area.

Or, guests can choose to dine-in in the in-house French restaurant.


Brasserie 25

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The all new Lemon Garden @ Shangri-La Hotel, KL


Category : Buffet, Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


The all new Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Hotel is now re-opened after the four months of renovation. Its new look is now lined with some zen-ish feel. Patterned tiles, framed glass and golden panel wall sectioned the areas, and not forgetting the lemons arrangement here and there in the dining area. The whole ambience is refreshing yet modern, a revitalising design by Bond Design Studio Inc from Japan.
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Sushi Azabu @ 4F The Table, ISETAN The Japan Store KL


Category : Fine Dining, Japanese Food, Kuala Lumpur


ISETAN The Japan Store 4F The Table is finally opened to the public and it brings the new excitement to the Japanese food lovers. This whole new floor comprises of 5 top-notch Japanese restaurants ranging from sushi to tonkatsu, to yakiniku. They are Sushi Azabu, Toriden, Tonkatsu Anzu, Yakiniku Toraji, and The Tokyo Restaurant. There is another restaurant coming soon, but it is still unannounced.
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Koryori Enoshima Japanese Restaurant @ Menara Cosway, KL


Category : Izakaya, Japanese Food, Kuala Lumpur

Continue with my birthday journey which happened last month, it was as though a day trip to Japan; savoured the authentic Japanese lunch in Hanaya and then a tea in Nana Green Tea and finally we settled here for a dinner and a drink.

Koroyri Enoshima Japanese Restaurant

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