Japan Trip Day 2: Hiroshima


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For full itinerary, check out my Japan Trip 2014: 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area.

In order to board our pre-reserved seats on time, we woke up extremely early and waited at the station. *scare we missed the bullet train mah*

We were heading to Hiroshima for a pit stop and explored a little before traveled down to Kyushu. The bullet train from Nagoya to Hiroshima took about 3 hours ++. It was time to sit back and relax and take a small nap.


Once aboard, breakfast time! These onigiri(s) are easily to be found at any konbini コンビニ (convenience store) in Japan. I can have a total of 4 to 5 origini(s) a day aside from main meals and tea time. They come in a variety of flavours, super yummy and I simply get addicted on them. Never get bored of trying all the flavours out. Of all, I fancy the mentaiko, salmon and the “fried rice style” salmon wakame musubi. Contunue Reading

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