Poached Pears in Red Wine; The Perfect Holiday Dessert


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This is the first time I have a guest writer, Penny from UK, who loves cooking and baking, telling us what the perfect dessert is for the Christmas and winter day. And since it’s raining quite often lately, I decided to cook my heart warming dessert too! Let’s check out her contribution to my page.


There’s no greater challenge for an amateur chef than cooking a Christmas treat that everyone can enjoy, all while still keeping the calories at bay. While the holidays are certainly a time for celebration—which, of course, include sumptuous and sinful dishes—nobody wants to deal with the post-Christmas flabs. Luckily, recipes like this poached pear in wine are something not only delicious enough for Christmas but friendly for weight watchers everywhere.


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Zespri® Kiwifruit Tartlets; Weekend Baking Fun


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Yes, I just baked half dozen of tartlet to complete my 14 Days Zespri ® Kiwifruit Challenge. It was so fun to play around with Kiwifruits in meals and desserts. If I could spare more times in the kitchen, I would love to experiment more on savoury recipe with Zespri ® Kiwifruit. Too bad, time does not permitted me to do so during these 14 days, was already half dead after work. Contunue Reading

Zespri ® Kiwifruit Fluffy Cake; Desserts for the Weekend


Category : Challenge, Desserts, Event, Recipe

A heavier project during the weekend may make everyone happy. This round, dessert as well, but, it’s a cake. It has been some times since I last baking in the kitchen. I am happy to have a little elf helping around, my brother. He is into baking lately and so, I had a lesser job and did mainly on supervision. Lol

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Zespri® Kiwifruit Juice; welcoming the weekend


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When there is a lot of over-ripe Zespri® Kiwifruits available at home, the best stuff to do with them are to blend them into juice or smoothie. Since there is no more ice cream or yoghurt left in the fridge, I decided to turn them into juice instead. It is so simple that will just need your 5 minutes for a refreshing glass of juice that overloaded with Vitamin C, dietary fibers and high contents of antioxidants.

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Zespri® Kiwifruit Fried Rice; Day 11 Challenge


Category : Challenge, Chinese Food, Event, Recipe

I made a meal with Zespri® Kiwifruit on the Day 11 of Zespri ® 14-Days Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge!

We have Pineapple fried rice, why can’t we have Kiwi fried rice?!

Aha, incorporating fruits into Chinese dishes is kinda fun. It gives me a challenge too to make things using fruits, especially into Chinese dishes. Let starts simple recipe, where we can normally perform it at anytime with just simple ingredients or any leftover in your fridge; by putting in kiwifruits into fried rice, in order to create a tangy savoury fried rice. When it comes to simple homecooked dishes, I can’t come out with a very precise measurement, so, they are all agak-agak-ly.


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Zespri® Green & Sun Gold Kiwifruit Yoghurt Salad


Category : Challenge, Desserts, Event, Recipe, Snack


Sunshine Friday!

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Light Honey Butter Cake; the comforting one


Category : Baking, Homemade, Recipe

When thing went so wrong last weekend (the thing was, I was tooooooo and extremely free, never had it before). I dived in to the kitchen and presented this out.


Light Honey Butter Cake

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Caramel Milk Pudding; and goodbye Monday Blue


Category : Desserts, Homemade, Recipe

Ahhh, it’s Monday again…

How about something velvety smooth and lil sweet for today???

Caramel milk pudding


An easy recipe it is, you could just do it at home. What you need are some basic ingredients and the oven. Contunue Reading

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