Medan Selera Kheng Heong 瓊香海鲜饭店 @ Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, KL


Category : Chinese Food, Hawkers, Kuala Lumpur

Chinese restaurants are always my pick when it comes to dinner with the family. Causal no frills restaurant, a variety of Chinese dishes to choose from and they all come with real wok hei. In search of new place for Chinese dishes, this one comes into my list.


Used to locate opposite the Brickfields police station has now situated at Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, Kheng Heong is the no frill restaurant that serves Chinese dai chow fares which is priced affordably. I find their dishes are pretty good, pretty homey (on those we have tried). Price wise, it was really affordable and cost us about Rm 160 for total of 8 pax.

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Restoran 52 @ Semenyih


Category : Chinese Food, Semenyih


Straight forward, easy to remember name.

Restoran 52

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Sentul Ah Yap Hokkien Mee @ Jalan Sentul, KL


Category : Chinese Food, Hawkers, Kuala Lumpur, Noodles


Here is another place for a plate of “goh za bee” Hokkien Mee. Contunue Reading

Old Friends; Pre CNY Reunion


Category : Cheras, Chinese Food, Kuala Lumpur

What makes CNY comes best?!

A table full with scrumptious dishes, the smiles that everyone carries, the nonstop chit chat and updating each others, and the most important one, the reunion.

I wouldn’t say much about the dishes we have tried in Cheers Palace. We ordered the set that came with yee sang; the other dishes were pretty normal but the fish was good though. I was here for several times and I found that their dishes in a la carte menu are much better. Had their dim sum too, but I guess they have the price revised.

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Old is Gold…


Category : Chinese Food, Kuala Lumpur, Pudu


Very old fashioned way, the tiles, the wall, the décor and event the seats…


Old is Gold, agree with me??? Contunue Reading

Teochew Braised Duck @ PJ State


Category : Chinese Food, Petaling Jaya


Glossy golden Ham Choy

This stall has been here … like forever; offers Lou Ngap Fan (卤鸭饭) or the Teochew style braised duck. Tucked inside this kopitiam – Restoran Kam Heong 甘香茶餐室, attracts patrons from all over the place. My family too, often hang out here for dinner. Contunue Reading

Shi Xia Urban Village 石厦城中村 & Breakfast @ Shen Zhen


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Hectic schedule always slow down my blog-updating-rate. It has been a long time since my last trip and I don’t even have a chance to update it. Guess it times to write a bit about it, slowly… Instead of doing it following the daily sequence of the trip, I will jump here and there… based on my mood.

For full itinerary, kindly check out HK-ShenZhen 5D4N Trip; 2012

ShenZhen used to be my second home, I traveled there quite often back then in year 08/09. Being a city of immigrant, there are actually a lot to see and explore; the culture, the people, the living… the food.


On the final morning before leaving the city, we woke up early and explored the nearby Shi Xia urban village (石厦城中村). Urban village, 城中村 or literally translated into “village in the city”; is heavily-populated and composed of overcrowded multi-story buildings with narrow alleys in between buildings. The alleys are small and vehicles are difficult to pass through them; therefore, most of the people here are on the bike. Contunue Reading

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum 锦选香港特级点心@ Kuchai Lama


Category : Breakfast, Chinese Food, Dim Sum, Kuala Lumpur, Kuchai Lama



nothing beats a great breakfast with the family. Agree?!
Ever since I brought my parents over here, they seem to have addicted and make visit every week. There was once we paid visits twice in a week!

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