Lao Jiu Lou 老酒楼 @ Taman Bukit Desa, KL


Category : Chinese Food, Fusion Food, Japanese Food, Kuala Lumpur, Ramen, Taman Desa


Fancy a hot piping comforting bowl of this, now???

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Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee 建記辣椒板麵 @ Pandan Indah


Category : Chinese Food, Hawkers, Noodles


Springy and chewy handmade noodles, made in an al dente way. Contunue Reading

Nippy Noodle Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama, KL


Category : Chinese Food, Kuala Lumpur, Kuchai Lama, Noodles, Pork


I am a big fan of egg noodles and have always wanted to try out their bamboo noodles after reading numerous good reviews about it. Till today, I get a try. I must say, yes, I do love it, The Noodles!!! Contunue Reading

Restoran Yi Pin Xiang 一品湘 @ Nilai


Category : Chinese Food, Hunan Cuisine, Nilai, Northeastern Chinese Cuisine

If you were around Nilai and happened that you were hungry at the same time, here is a place I would recommend.

Yi Pin Xiang 一品湘 is a Chinese restaurant manned by these people from China, specializing in Xiang Cuisine (or also known as Hunan Cuisine) and Northeastern Chinese Cuisine 东北菜 (or historically known as Manchuria in English). Hunan Cuisine is very well known for its hot and spicy flavour, fresh in aroma and deep in colour. They utilize a lot of chili peppers, shallors and garlic, and also spiced by pure chili content. As for Northeastern Chinese Cuisine, they normally rely on preserved foods due to harsh winters and short growing seasons. Yi Pin Xiang is a place where I found the authentic flavours that I missed so much. The beef which is very well spiced, the gamey lamb, the appetizer that made of clear noodles and tossed with ZheJiang vinegar…


Started with the appetizer. Cucumber with sauce 刀拍黄瓜 (Rm8) is a basic dish that is simply found in any household in China.  Contunue Reading

Good Taste Rice & Noodle House 好味烧腊面饭店 @ Taman Anggerik, Cheras


Category : Cheras, Chinese Food, Hawkers, Kuala Lumpur, Noodles


I like my bowl of wanton mee with noodles come thin and springy and topped with slices of thicker cuts pun fei sao char siu. This is what I hope for, as simple as that. After numerous visit to Hung Kee for wanton mee (both outlets), I find that they are already not up to my expectation. In search for a new place for a simple bowl of wanton mee, I have found one! Contunue Reading

Zespri® Kiwifruit Fried Rice; Day 11 Challenge


Category : Challenge, Chinese Food, Event, Recipe

I made a meal with Zespri® Kiwifruit on the Day 11 of Zespri ® 14-Days Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge!

We have Pineapple fried rice, why can’t we have Kiwi fried rice?!

Aha, incorporating fruits into Chinese dishes is kinda fun. It gives me a challenge too to make things using fruits, especially into Chinese dishes. Let starts simple recipe, where we can normally perform it at anytime with just simple ingredients or any leftover in your fridge; by putting in kiwifruits into fried rice, in order to create a tangy savoury fried rice. When it comes to simple homecooked dishes, I can’t come out with a very precise measurement, so, they are all agak-agak-ly.


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Yong Tau Foo & Hakka Mee @ Restoran Melido 美丽都茶餐室, Seremban


Category : Chinese Food, Hawkers, Noodles, Seremban


Aside from Tow Kee for hakka mee (well, their opening time is always in the afternoon which I don’t get to meet them, everytime), here is another place I frequent the most for the hakka mee and a very affordable yong tau foo. Under the roof of Restoran Melido or only Lido (if you see their old sign board up on the wall), there are a variety of hawker type food for you to choose from. Contunue Reading

La Zha Mee & Lucky King Bun @ Lukut, Negeri Sembilan


Category : Chinese Food, Hawkers, Lukut

If you are on your way to Port Dickson for a holiday, perhaps you should slow down your path and make a short visit to Lukut, fill up your tummy and maybe pack a huge bun for picnic too! And so, after my 2-hours-on-call in a ulu place, I brought my parents on a food hunt.


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