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There isn’t many western cafe like this one around Cheras. What we normally find in Cheras is the economic style western corners that open during the night (eg. Taman Billion). While this – DIET Cafe opens all day long, from morning till late. 


DIET Cafe is actually stands for “Do I Eat Today? Cafe”. It has a casual and cozy ambiance and serves quality range of western and fusion dishes using fresh ingredients. 


I was here with my siblings one Sunday. We are not the morning person; happy to find a cafe that serves all day breakfast on th weekend. But then, that was not a day for their breakkie; we were actually hunting for the Banger ‘n’ Mash and Chicken Parmigiana 


Hangover (RM 8)
It was the combination of apple, lime and mint to reduce hangover. Something to wake you up 🙂


For nibble, we had the Crispy Beef Bacon and Cheese Rolls (RM 10)
Melted cheese on the crispy beef bacon!


Banger ‘n’ Mash (RM 19)
It was the premium chicken sausages served with homemade mashed potatoes and caramelized onion gravy. The chicken sausages were a lil’ overcooked to me; the mashed potatoes were really good, with tiny bits of chunks in it and drenched with gravy that was on the sweet side. 


Chicken Parmigiana (RM 26)
Grilled marinated chicken breast layered with melted cheddar cheese, eggplant, and homemade tomatoes sauce and served with spiced wedges and garden salad. The melted cheddar cheese gave an extra kick to the tender chicken breast. 


‘Old-Skool’ Carbonara (Rm 20)
The classic style carbonara served with beef bacon and mushroom. Carbonara was made in a diluted way; but still creamy as usual. And this was quite a filling one. 

Ahhh, we were all too full for desserts. A good reason for revisit 🙂 hear that the fluffy pancake and the risotto are heavenly good. 

Verdict: It may seem a little pricey for a meal in this area; but trust me; you will find yourself satisfy with the portion and the taste for western food in this area. ohhh, bear in mind that the parking is quite a headache one during working hours. 

27, Jalan 3/101C,
Cheras Business Centre
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-91301700
Business Hour:
Mon – Fri: 10am – 12am
Sat – Sun: 8am – 12am

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Comments (11)

Really liked their Bangers n Mash…served piping hot…and also their Fish Burger…photos here:


Hi Ai Wei,

The food looks good. There are 4 layers of cheese on top of the chicken! Just wondering, is the restaurant pork free? Can't seems to get why they use beef bacon instead than the real one!


all the foods so sttractive!! they are look yummy!!!

The gravy for the mashed potato was too dark …dark soy sauce added?

Oh you finally visited this place. It is really rare to find a good Western cafe in Cheras. 😛

oh, fish burger is good too???
thanks for recommendation. love their bangers n mash. it's lovely. the sauce was great.

yeah o, it is a pork free restaurant. the food here is good 🙂

hehe 🙂

choi yen,
it's a caramelized sauce. that's why it looks a bit darker 🙂

baby sumo,
was there finally. hehe
true, it is really a rare find in cheras. is there another like this one in cheras ar???

Hi there Ai Wei, the ambiance there looks really great, it must be very comfortable to sit at there. Besides, the name of the shop is really unique! 🙂

didn't know Cheras have such cafe! haha

What a funny name Do I eat today? What if the answer is No? 😛 Anyway, the bacon roll looks amazing!! And chicken parmigiana reminds me of those I had in Aus.

If ever I find another good Western cafe, I will let you know 😛

haha, cute right??? at first i thought it was something organic cz with the work 'diet' there. after reading reviews, decided to give a try and yay, i love it

i also dunno till i read lots of reviews from the others ^^

i like chicken parmigiana. there is good one in aus?! huhu, so far away, cannot try.

baby sumo,
hehehe, thanks in advance
sharing is caring 🙂

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