Aik Yuen Restaurant @ Setapak – for glossy and fragrant Hokkien Mee


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Where to find a good plate of Hokkien Mee / Hokkien Char?!

Well, Aik Yuen Restaurant that is located at Setapak is one that serves great plate of Hokkien Mee. 


Here you go, the glossy looking Hokkien Mee (RM 13 for 2 pax) coated in dark brown colour. Came piping hot and full with real wok heil tossed with right amount of pork lard and other ingredients such as pork slices, squids, prawns and the sweet dark sauce that flavoured and coloured the thick far noodles.  


Fried “Peh Ge” (Rice Cake) (RM 6.50) was another good to try. Cooked in the way same as Hokkien Mee;  the only difference is the rice cake that came with chewy texture. 


Cantonese Fried (Yin Yong) or Wat Dan Hor (RM 6.50) had the smoky aftertaste. Perhaps the chef forgot to season our Yin Yong; it was tasteless and unmemorable. 


the bouncy Deep fried ‘saito’ fish cake


Stir-fried Lala
Sweet, sour and a little spicy clams 


Deep Fried Sotong were fried to perfection. I love coating a lot!!! 


That was my first time trying out Stir Fried Siew Yoke (RM 10) in Hokkien style. It was sweet as it was stir-fried with a lot of black sauce. Interesting but i prefer the Cantonese style that made saltier and not in a black-y way. 


Aik Yuen’s Kitchen; just opposite Aik Yuen’s Restaurant.  

Aik Yuen Restaurant
Jalan Sarikei
Off Jalan Pahang Barat
53000 Kuala Lumpur
(behind Tawakal Hospital in Setapak)

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Comments (14)

We lub this place! Actually, the entire area seems to do great Chinese Style fried noodles – all the famous plcs are just further up that Tawakal road;)

We lub this place! Actually, the entire area seems to do great Chinese Style fried noodles – all the famous plcs are just further up that Tawakal road;)

the hokkien mee look yummy!!! i like it 🙂

O.O We can see that the Hokkien Mee is shining 😀

Nice photos!! The hokkien mee looks super delicious,I am drooling over the food.

izzit izzit???
where else??? hehe, recommend some places for us 🙂

it was really good.
have a try.

haha, glossy looking noodles dressed in brown 🙂

I am very hungry now. ahhhh…
wish to have a plate right now

Oo, sounds like a good place for Hokkien mee! How'd you come to discover this place? Ahhh, so many places that I want you to bring me to. Can't wait to see you again! Miss you so much! The deep fried sotong looks good as well. =)

Eat Only Lar!,
they brought me over one. haha. uk dun have hawker food like this right?
faster come back to kl. more good food to try. hehehe

Though I would not have considered going all the way to Setapak for Hokkien Mee, the sight of stir fried roast pork, batter fried squid and spicy clams got me thinking twice.

Got option to follow your blog?
my blog come with google follow, auto update if there's any updates..

BTW got 1 hokkien mee near my house very nice

you should!!! those you mentioned are great. except the roast pork. hmmm, maybe i am just not used to it,
where is the hokkien mee near your place????????????

I love their Hokkien Mee!

anymore hokkien mee place we should visit??? hehehe

[…] One of their signatures – Hokkien Mee Looking glossy in dark soy sauce; the plate of noodles was tossed with real wok hei. The secret weapon in the noodles?! That will be the handful of lards that were deep fried and stir-fried with the noodles. I couldn’t stop myself from munching the crackly crunchy lards; the aromatic moment was unforgettable. And I did find it better than the other one. […]

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