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One of our Mottos: We can never end our meal without some sweet stuff 🙂


Hence, we drove over here for some ‘sweeties’ after the Udon at Sanuki Udon.


Japanese Pudding (RM 5) – the egg custard was slightly on the sweeter side. This was something i need after the meal.


and also a loaf of azuki green tea bread + cake as breakkie (RM 7 for about 8 pieces of bread+cake). The inner green rounded part was the green tea bread while the outer pale yellowish part was the sponge-liked cake but more towards the chiffon-liked texture.

RT Pastry House
7-0-7, Jalan 3/109F,
Danau Business Centre,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79819106

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Comments (15)

Japanese pudding? Looks interesting wo ^^

jap pudding very very nice but a lil sweet, hehe, that's what sweet stuff for as pencuci mulut 🙂

I wanna eat the green tea bread!! Looks nice!

hi ai wei~ the japanese pudding i tried before last christmas~ my frend used it was as a christmas exchange gift during the christmas eve party.

IThe pudding is extremely delicious indeed. Really like it very much 🙂

But too bad I haven't been to that shop before 🙁

ooOOoo.. this RT is one of the better bakeries ard. Beats Bread sotry and all ..

Hmm…the bread looks nice. When I see this type of bread, I always feel like want to try.

I came here too after my Sanuki Udon visit but I didn't see the pudding 🙁

i love their Swiss roll…

i like RT @ breads & Cakes, especially the sesame bread~yummy

Japanese pudding looks good wor

it is very very nicez.

the pudding is very delicious, right??? i love it a lot too!!! you should find some times to track down the place for more of their RT's

yep yeppp.

little inbox,
should try 🙂

hmmm, maybe not available that day???

okay, noted. will go get it 🙂

sesame bread??? noted, i will try that out! thanks for recommendation

very very good ar

i'm RT fans 😀 and love their cakes and bread, wil visit them at least twice a week 😛 love tht sesame bread too!

how are their choc cakes compare to those @ secret recipe & delicious? are they any good? are they up there on par with the big names?

hehehe 🙂

well, i have no idea on their choc cake as i have not tried any before.
try it out. guess it's different from delicious and secret recipe as rt is more towards japanese style pastry and cake.

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