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Hi People, How’s your holiday and Chinese New Year Celebration???!!! had a blast? or there are more parties coming up soon???

The weather was extremely warm for the past few days. I escaped to Mid Valley City for window shopping. felt so great to be in the cool complexes.


I was happened to pass by Pastis Cafe which is located in front of the Isetan Gardens, and there was a big sign had my attention


Apricot Mille Crepe Cake is priced at RM 13.90. Since it’s now the cake of the month, it is half price = RM 6.95 ++

I hurried step in for a try.



I find that the crepe layers were chewy and not that soft enough but i do love the white cream with a very strong milky taste. And the lil sourish apricot halves did add the points to the mille crepe. Anyhow, my love will till go to Nadeja’s Mille Crepe.

PS: Khee, can you da-bao me Nadeja’s Mille Crepe on your next visit back to KL??? i am craving for it!!! Khee, do you hear me??? ><


Pastis Cafe
KG-02, Ground Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley CIty.
Tel: 03-22881559

More review at
Pillow Talk with Bangsar Babe

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Comments (12)

I wanna eat it leh, keke…

gong xi gong xi!!
Hw's 2010 so far?? 😉

wishing u more eats, more luck & lotsa happiness in 2010!!

somewhere in Singapore,
happy chinese new year!

gong xi gong xi. 🙂
ate too much everyday lar… am so fat now ><

and wishing me, eat more but dun gain weight. kekekekeke….

the promotion seem like very worthy ler…I need some sweet food now…

craving for sweet stuff? go get it 😛 their lunch sets are reasonably priced too. i will gotta have a try next time 🙂

Wow! I had this in Hong Kong…. now can get in Malaysia…

wah shopping during cny. so nais!

din ajak pun ;P

tarts and pies,
yeeeep, and must try the one from Nadeja in malacca.

window shopping alone worrr…. nice meh??? LOLs.

hehehe, next time again, k??? i was tooooooo bored til tooooo xian. that's why went shopping alone ><

Oh crepe cake, interesting! The only crepe cake I ever ate is from Food Foundry… How is this compared to that? 🙂

You should try out Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe. Check them out at

They are available in JB, Penang, KL/PJ and recently Singapore.

Tried most of the Mille Crepes in Malaysia and I find them the best by far!

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