Shen Zhen, Here I Come


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When you are reading this, I am already up on the plane, flying myself to Shen Zhen, China. It is going to be an exciting 10 days trip with good food and shopping and sightseeing. Just hope that I won’t gain weight after these 10 days. It was a nightmare that I gained 4kg after that 20 days trip in Shen Zhen few years back. I took a real hard time to loss those weights.

Carrying with me, I have prepared Sis her favourite home baked cookies (to be carried up to the plane in the woven red bag). Me and mum have used up 2 afternoons to bake them. And another half of the luggage is the stuff she wants.

Am I staying only in Shen Zhen?! Hmmm, not too sure. Sis will arrange everything for me. What I need to do is…… don’t do anything. 😛

Have a nice weekend! ~
Do drop by for the food reviews. see you in June ^__^

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O.o I’m so busy til I forgot that u’re traveling to Shenzhen today. Aiks, so sorry. You’re really good, prepared so many cookies! I also want!!

Anyway, have a safe flight and have a good trip. Will be looking forward for your posts on China.

Have fun dear! Will be waiting for your updates!! and how nice of you to prepare cookies 🙂
You really deserve a good holiday 😉

Have a great trip.

no wonder u dun wna come to my event la..
anyway, when u see ..u should have back liao..
hope u enjoyed ur trip =P

Wow. Have fun yah. Guess you won’t be writing much during your trip there then?

just make sure your sis doesn’t prostitutes you to pay off her debt *grin*

and poor you.. couldn’t taste the yam egg tart. you’ll neve get to taste it anywhere else. blueberry egg tart? it’s so common nowadays

Happy Holiday!!!

Have lot so fun! come back with photos!!

Wish you have a nice trip in Shenzhen!


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