Let’s fall in LURVE~


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Another new product of Twisties
Another new product after Chipster
Available in 3 flavours:-

Seaweed Nori
Hot N’ Spicy
French Onion

The new and latest and the only multigrain chips in the market
Mill and mash with
Wheat, oats, rice, corn & sunflower seed
Into this wavy little chips
At the right amount of flavours

Best of these chips are
Trans-fat free!
Made of Multi grains

Girls who love chips
But afraid of putting on waist line
Would love these!

I have tried 2 of them
The French Onion

Hot N’ Spicy

The spicy multi grains crispy chips
But more like thin crackers for me
This is something I highly recommend
And definitely Malaysians would love its spiciness!

Priced at RM 2.80 per packet
At only 45grams
Which is extremely ‘little’ and ‘light’
And kinda expansive

So, shall we fall in Lurve?!

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Comments (9)

I’ve tried both the flavours as well. the French Onion tasted suspiciously like Sour cream n Onion. hahah …

but the thought of munching into something ‘healthy’ (ahem) makes it all easier to digest

dunno lar, i dun really like French Onion. it’s quite… weird for me. love the hot n spicy a lot!

well, this is truly something healthy. although 2.80 per packet is quite expansive, spending on a healthier junk food sounds worth it. haha

slurrrrpsss… looks good woh… ok, i m gonna get one and try~

Don’s have twisties in Glasgow 🙁
Sad case…. ;P

it’s a worth to try it!

dear, u have Lays amd all sorts of chips in glasgow.
want some??? i ‘air’ to u lar…

Long time didn’t eat chips~~ *sigh*

Since it uses multi grains, guess the price can’t be helped. 🙂

Ahh…i love twisties but didn’t know they have new stuff. Will go grab some lurve next weekend.

I like some hot n spicy, can’t get them from where im at thougt.

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