We were here, finally~


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We missed out their grand opening day
But we managed to have ourselves over yesterday night

Who were ‘We’?!

‘We’ are —

Chris & Christine
Sugar Bean
Sid from Big Boys Oven
Citygal from KampungboyCitygal
Me & my Bro (who tagged along)

Yesterday’s dinner was a great one,
a memorable one.
It has been a long long time since the last Food Bloggers outing.
(I do miss them a lot! ~)
And finally I get to dine with them!

The neatly arranged and a pleasant environment under the warm & soft lighting

And Yes,
Here we were, finally,
in Pick n’ Brew!

A Big TQ to Jackson upon his recommendations. I love the food over there!

I am not able to update so often because of the final starting on Monday which consists of 8 papers and last for 3 weeks (*.* half dead).
I need some times to compile and write-on about this. So, please be patience~
A full detail on Pick n’ Brew will be coming ‘very soon’.
Wish me Luck in my Finals! ~ ^.^

Pick n’ Brew
F233, First Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama City Centre,
Bandar Utama, PJ.
Tel: 03-77260102

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Comments (27)

Wah ai wei,you’re so fast..But wait a minute,where is the food??

I wish you all the BEST in your final..You can do it..You’re the best..jia you jia you !!!!Gambateh !!!!!!

nice meeting you again..hehe good luck for ur finals ya

haha, be patience ya, i will update this very very ‘soon’. Or others will have this update soon too! ^^

and thanks for the wishes!

nice meeting u ytr! it was great and happy to see u. you are as cheerful as usual. Sweet~ ^^
Let’s eat out again after my *tough* time. ^.^

Haha, frightened me, I thought you posted d. Anyway, nice meeting all of the food bloggers again.

Jia you in your exam, think of good food after your exam. Work hard now, rewards coming soon! 🙂

Haha, frightened me, I thought you posted d. Anyway, nice meeting all of the food bloggers again.

Jia you in your exam, think of good food after your exam. Work hard now, rewards coming soon! 🙂

Ai Wei, GAMBADE for your final! I thought me having 5 papers already too much, you have 8! *pengsan* I missed the opening of P&B. Now I’ll keep thinking of it until I can visit that place after exam 😉

Ai Wei : Good Luck in ur finals 🙂

Good luck!!!
How nice if bloggers meet up once in awhile….

wenching & esiong,
wa-Haha, where got so fast ler, my dear?! was very happy to meet u guys that night.
and very Tq for the wishes, since u are so free, pray for me everyday lar. hehehe

when is ur last paper? mine end on 25th april. by then only i can hang out. sigh…
i will revisit pick n brew for their coffee, have yet to try~
good luck to you too!!!

thanks a lot!
btew, i love ur profile’s pic

new kid on the blog,
ya… a meeting out/ gathering once a while is real great. it was like a happy family reunion. hehe

All the best in ur finals! Mine starting next week too~ Let’s Gambatte~

omg..wheres the food???? how can u do dis..hahah…

good luck for ur exams!

walio! where is the food? lol! Wish you the best in your coming exams!

all the best to u ya ~ ^_^

wishing u all the best in ur finals too! let’s gambate together!

Joe & big boys oven,
thanks a lot. ehehehe, food will be coming up soon. i am trying my best to make it appears ‘very soon’. ehehehe

thanks a lot!~

8 papers that go on for 3 wks?? gosh. good luck girl!

wah, almost everyone has been there already!!! me will hv to wait longer…cos of exams lor, just like you..hehe

Exam fever is spreading eh? All the best!

thanks a lot! what i wan is to pass every subjects, of cz, score as high marks as i can lar >_< *tough*
Nic (khkl),
sounds like lots ppl in exam! dun worry, still get the chance to visit as soon as u finish ur paper! ^^
oh, rmb out called-off get-together-k-singing’? hope it goes on after this month

thanks thanks but sigh… it’s real tiring!

wish you all d best…good luck…

thx for coming and wish u all the best in yr exam ya!

Finally can online dy!! yay…
So lost without the internet 🙁
Love the food here, the environment and the ppl!!

All the best in your papers and show ’em what you’ve learnt!
All the best!
Pharmacy Rocks! ;P

Add oil Add oil Add oil!!! All the best ya.

金持ちってスゲー( ゚д゚)ポカーン

Finally huh. I’ve been 3 times already since it open. Maybe I’ve gone crazy with Pick n’ Brew.

All the best in your finals.

squall & jackson,

how nice! u are in holiday now. i still need to hug those boooks n notes. sob!!!
for me, pharmacy = suffering!!!
anyway thanks dear!

can’t wait to hang out with u after those ‘suffering’ day. sobzzzz

precious pea,
thankQ thankQ thankQ!
will work hard hard *faint*

simon seow,
thanks. wow, u have been a big fan of Pick n Brew. mayb can set up a fans club n recruit members?! haha
i will return for their coffee ^^


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