Celebration of dragon boat festival in ‘advance’


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Here we are, Chinese rice dumpling (粽子). They are one of the traditional Chinese foods which made up of glutinous rice stuffed with filling and wrapped in the bamboo leaves. They are then cooked by billing.

Although the 端午节, Dragon boat festival is still weeks ahead, mum has already made these for us (not us actually but for sister to has a try before she left Malaysia).

The filling are chestnuts, beans, pork, dried shrimps, dried scallops, and mushroom within the glutinous rice. I wish I am half as intelligent as mum in cooking. She always makes wonderful dishes for us. That’s why I get fatter >.<

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Comments (5)

hmmm…it looks sooo delicious!!
bad lar u…make me hungry only…!!

wei..i hungry liao…=/

ting fang and yenni,
haha, looks nice hor?! mum made these, very delicious.

ni, how are you getting?!
add oil in your exam ya

haha…vy nice la…i hungry ady…

i’m doing fine here!!my exam is next month during my birthday la…sad case…

i miss u la…how are u???hv any “yan yu”” recently???
must add oil u noe…dun forget v want to go trip tgt one ya…=)haha

deeeeelicious! mouth-watering gal! yen’s not having holiday at the moment.. wanna hang out and EAT out?? tell me when u’re available! till then…:)

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